Speaking Life

Growing up, I had a Daddy and a Mama who consistently spoke life over me. I grew up knowing that I was loved, I was a blessing, and that God had good plans for me. I had a strong sense of purpose, not just for my own means, but because I knew God had good plans for me to carry out His kingdom purposes.

Speaking life starts in the very beginning. Way back in Genesis, God, the Creator of the universe, chose to use His voice and words to create. God said “Let there be light,” and there was. He spoke the planets, the land and sea, the moon and stars, every creature you could imagine, and humans into existence. He said “Let there be,” and then, there it was.

When God speaks, it matters. When we speak, our words also matter. The words that come out of our mouth have power.

In Proverbs 18:21, it says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

We have a choice of the words we use- will we use words that edify, encourage, and create? Or will we use words that tear down, discourage, and destroy?

In James 3, the tongue is compared to a small spark that can set a whole forest on fire. That’s a lot of power!

I want to share three ways I’ve learned to speak life.

The first way to speak life is over yourself (myself).

In this season of life, I often speak that God has equipped me for being a Mama, that I am a Proverbs 31 woman who is noble, honorable, charitable, resourceful, kind, diligent, hard working…this is the woman I am, and the woman I am becoming.

The second way you can speak life is over others. When my children were in my womb, we spoke that they would be a joy and delight to all who interact with them. If you’ve met them, you know this has come to pass. We spoke health and completeness over each and every body part.

We are currently speaking a generous and hospitable heart over my son as he learns to share, and kindness and gentleness as he interacts with his sister. We eagerly await the day we see the fullness of these statements come to be. We speak healing and full hearing at all decibels over my eleven month old as she is currently wearing hearing aids.

As parents, we have the opportunity to pass on a generational blessing of speaking God’s word over our children’s lives.

Can you imagine what the next generation would look life if they grew up believing that they can never be separated from the love of God, they are established, anointed and sealed by God, they are God’s workmanship, and they can do all things thought Christ who gives them strength? They just might take cities and nations for Jesus!

As part of the body of Christ, we get to encourage each other by speaking truth. Speaking verses like: “You are the salt of the earth,” (Matthew 5:13), “You are Christ’s ambassador,” (2 Corinthians 5:20) and “You are chosen by God, holy and dearly loved,” (Col. 3:12) are good reminders we need to tell each other. This is who others are, and who they are becoming.

The third way you can speak life is over your circumstances. When my family moved back to Florida in 2014, we came as an act of faith. Derek had no job yet, but we were believing In Jehovah Jirah our provider. We would daily claim the Lord’s provision of a job, specific with what salary and benefits we needed to survive in Palm Beach County. After two months of doing this daily activity, we saw God meet everything we specified.

When my family was in a time of need a few years ago, I reminded myself (and the Lord) about His faithfulness to always provide for my us. I was claiming Philippians 4:19, that ALL my needs are met by God. The Holy Spirit whispered, “Look around, Christina! Don’t overlook what I have provided for you in this present moment.”

That’s the beauty of speaking truth and life. It does  change things for the future, but sometimes our perspective in the moment needs to be changed. Speaking out loud words of life and truth allows us to filter our personal circumstances through The Abba’s prism of truth.

This filter allows us to see ourselves as we are- men and women that God is bringing about to completion, finishing the good work that He began.

It allows us to see others as those deeply loved by God.

It allows us to see what God is already doing in our current circumstances.

In what areas of your life do you need to speak life today, Mama?

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