The Tortoise and the Hare

Do you remember the fable The Tortoise and the Hare, Mama?

The hare challenges the tortoise to a race one day, overly confident in his speed and ability. He decides at one point that the tortoise is so slow, that he can take a nap and still win the race. More modern versions have him stopping for a snack prior to the nap. All along the tortoise remains steady, one step at a time.

It’s been almost 14 weeks since my misstep resulting in a broken ankle and fibula. In these past few months, my healing and recovery has been a steady, but slow process. I’ve graduated from using a knee scooter, to walking in a boot, to walking with a very pronounced limp, to walking at about 80% capacity. But I’m still not running yet.

At my doctor’s appointment this past Wednesday, the x-ray showed my fibula is still not fully healed. I won’t be running tomorrow, next week, and maybe even next month.

I can’t help but see how this parallels to my walk with the Lord. Some days all I can do is put one foot in front of the other. Opening my Bible, meditating on scripture, praying for my husband and children… These practices sometimes seem mundane, like taking steps. But these are fundamental, and necessary if I want to move forward and make any progress.

I’ve been so tempted to get discouraged and focus on what I have not yet been cleared to do-running and high impact exercises to name a few. But the truth is, taking steps is a big deal for me in this season. It’s not something to be overlooked, but to be celebrated.

I need to remind myself that a few weeks ago I wasn’t able to do what I’m doing now. Fourteen weeks ago I was preparing to go into surgery and couldn’t walk. Seven weeks ago I couldn’t walk without a boot. Three weeks ago, I couldn’t walk as efficiently or as far as I am walking today.

It’s easy for me to focus on where I’m not at yet, but I have to remember where I’ve come from before I can celebrate where I’m heading. Once again, this reminds me of my spiritual journey. I was once dead in my sins. Dead in my transgressions. Thanks to Jesus, He saved me from death and brought me into eternal life!

My journey these past few months has not been fast or glamorous, but much like the daily grind of motherhood has been slow and steady.

Do you remember who wins the race between the tortoise and the hare, Mama? It was the tortoise, who faithfully put one step in front of the other.