Love Run

In the spirit of new beginnings and goal setting, I have a challenge for you today. How many of you Mamas have set a goal in regards to your health or fitness? I have an awesome opportunity for you to do just that!

On February 10, there is a 5k event called “Love Run” at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. You can run or walk this event, which makes it appealing for a wide range of participants.

All proceeds go to benefit a village in Guatemala. My friend Stacy and her family united with a few other families in a Village Transformation Project with World Help. They are being the hands and feet of Jesus and transforming this village from the bottom up by providing: a well as a source of clean drinking water, a school, and a child sponsorship program. To find out more ways to help, contact her at:

Have you ever participated in a 5K, Mama? No better time like the present!

Love Run Flyer 2 (10).jpeg

Setting Goals (Part 2)

How’s it going, Mama? It’s fifteen days into January! How are those goals coming along? I wanted to share a few more ways I like to set goals for myself.

My friend Jessica recently introduced me to the idea of setting one month, three month, and six month goals. This is a terrific way to aim a little further into the future. I like to start with asking myself, “Where do I want to be in six months spiritually, physically, personally, or financially?” I write out my SMART goal according to each topic, and then from there I set my one and three month objectives to help me aim for the six month target.

Something super trendy right now is choosing a word for the year. I LOVE this because it’s simple, and you could always come back to, “Does what I’m doing in this moment line up with my word?”

To take it a step further, turn your word into a word map. 🙂 My word for this year is focus. If you check out the picture below, you can see that I branched out and wrote some areas I want to be focused in and then got even more specific with ways I can focus on those topics. I have my word map displayed in a place I see regularly to motivate and remind me.


I recently was challenged by my Babes to think about choosing a verse to focus on for my life. In thinking about planning for 2018, I decided that a verse for the year would be a great way to keep my goals in perspective. Here’s what I chose:

“Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

Where it’s doing laundry, washing dishes, changing diapers, or working for corporate, let’s commit our goals and dreams to Jesus!

What’s a word or verse you want to focus on in 2018, Mama?