Six Things to Do Six Weeks Before You’re Due

You’re in the final trimester, six weeks before your due date. Here’s my suggested six things to do to help prepare you for birth and baby:

  1. Water break. Keep drinking lots of water, Mama. But also, prepare for your bag of waters to break. I covered my mattress with a shower curtain and then my sheets. I also stocked my car with a spare towel or two in case my water broke while I was out and about.
  2. Eat dates. This is the time to increase your date consumption. Multiple studies that eating dates four weeks before your due date could decrease the amount of time and strain in labor. Dates are also a powerhouse food, packed with nutrition. (Stay tuned for a date smoothie recipe!)
  3. Self-care. Take care of yourself, Mama. Go get a hair cut, massage, or pedicure. Take a walk, lay out in the sun. Take a nap. Take lots of naps. Take a nap every day. Did I mention, take a nap?
  4. Date night. Go on a date with your Babes. The weeks and few months after having  a baby are precious and consumed with taking care of your little one. Make time for your #1 team mate and enjoy each other’s company.
  5. Create a birth plan. Now’s a great time to work on your birth plan! Imagine what you desire your birth to look like and be on the same page with your medical team.
  6. Speak life over yourself and baby. Tell your baby how excited you are to meet them! Speak life over the labor process, trusting that God created your and your baby’s bodies. I personally enjoyed reading other’s positive birth stories to help build my faith.

What things did you do to prepare in the weeks leading up to your labor, Mama?

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