Celebrating Small Wins

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times!), it’s easy for me to get stuck on the mistakes I make throughout the day. My blunders, my son’s “oops”, or the hilly “hiccups” in a normal day can become a focused mountain if I allow it.

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times!), a Mama just needs to relate to other Mamas with the same struggles. I’ll quickly pull out the phone, send a text with an urgent request for prayer and advice, and feel encouraged by the sharing of their stories.

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times!), my vulnerability could quickly transform into negativity.  A few months ago, I was convicted with this truth.

I am all about transparency and keeping it real in my Mama world. However, if the focal point of my day is the one incident where my son didn’t listen, or the nap my daughter didn’t take, I’m missing out on celebrating the small wins in our day.

I was recently reminded of this after a field trip to Bush Wildlife Center. My son struggled at the end to listen to another Mama. As we walked to the car, I was contemplating about how I would lecture him on the way home.

That still small voice whispered, “Is that the one takeaway you want to remember from the few hours you were here? Remember the time he kept his hands behind his back near the baby alligators? Recognize his generosity sharing his snacks at lunch. Praise him for not running too far ahead and sticking close with the group. Honor his positive choices.”

So I did. I led him in a “win sandwich” conversation. I asked him what are some things he did well, pointed out a way he could improve, and then called out the great character traits I saw on display-his generosity, his love for his sister, his inquisitiveness to learn about the animals…

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times!), I challenge myself and my Mama friends to share the small wins of their day. What are your small wins to celebrate today, Mama?

“So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Small Wins

  1. Loved this! The other I was praying over B and when I said, “in Jesus name” I heard a small voice “amen”. When I opened my eyes there was B praying herself in a language only she, her sis and the Lord understood and she ended hers with an “amen”. What a WIN! That my girls would our Lord with all of their hearts!!


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