Fall Traditions

One thing I truly enjoy is creating traditions for my children. It brings me great delight to know that one day my kids will pass on some of our family’s memories and create new ones of their own. Good old Webster defines tradition as, “an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior.”

Here are some fun fall traditions we’ve done most years since my first child, Aiden, was born:

1. Pumpkin patch! I love going to pumpkin patches and taking photos of the kiddos! It’s such a great way to look back and see how much our little pumpkins grow. 

2. Fall festival! In the years past we’ve gone to fall festivals put on by local churches. They have a hay rides, games, and are usually free! Bonus!

3. Trunk or treat! This was our first year dressing up and collecting candy. I personally loved this environment because family friendly costumes were highly encouraged, and I knew the people there. My son dressed up as a firefighter, which he does almost every day of the year, haha. He was a bit confused of why he gathered candy and what to do with it. We allowed him to choose one piece of candy and trade the rest in for some fair trade, high quality chocolate.  

4. Painting pumpkins! We got together with a friend of ours and this event quickly developed into more body painting than pumpkin painting. But at least the kiddos had fun in the process!

What are some fall traditions for your family?


One thought on “Fall Traditions

  1. I Love the pumpkin patch idea. I’ll have to get to my local orchard and take some photos before all the pumpkins are gone.


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